Airport fire fighting
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Practical live fire training is undertaken on one of the most extensive and comprehensive fire training grounds in the world, burning either liquid propane or aviation fuel.  Our ability to offer unlimited black smoke burns to clients provides a truly authentic fire training experience.


The training area has taxiways/aprons and a number of large passenger aircraft simulators including a purpose built Category 10 simulator to reflect the challenges created by the new generation of large aircraft.


The range of Aviation simulators include:


  • A 380 Category 10 simulation rig
  • B747 Category 9 simulation rig
  • B767/777 Category 8/7 simulation rig
  • B737 Category 6 simulation rig
  • F50/ATR Category 5/4 simulation rig
  • S76 Civil Helicopter
  • Cessna style light aircraft simulator
  • Military Helicopter
  • Military Tornado
  • Flight/Cabin Crew training rig
  • CFBT training rig.



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