Ansul R102 Fire Suppression systems are to be serviced on a bi-annual basis.

When an Ansul R102 Fire Suppression system is installed it will immediately offer protection to staff, premises & equipment. After 6 months the bi annual service the Fire Suppression system will be required, this ensures you are meeting the system requirements and subsequently ensures you are conforming to your insurance providers requirements. The service comprises of a full inspection and test to ensure it still has the capability to fire. In addition to ensuring the system will fire the engineer will also look at whether the system is still covering the appropriate risks. Upon completion of the service a report will be produced specifying whether the system is appropriate for the risks or whether further works are required.

10 Year Tests are a legal requirement of the system. Once the system reaches 10 years old it must be given an overhaul. This is specific requirement from the British standards. If this requirement is not satisfied the system may not work when required to do so or even worse cause an injury to someone when the system is fired.

Please feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss the different service options we have on offer.